20 Umrah pilgrims were killed, many others were injured in a bus accident

Riyadh: On Aqabat Shaar Road in the Asir region, a bus carrying Umrah pilgrims was engaged in a traffic collision that left at least 20 people dead and numerous others hurt.All the deceased are Bangladeshi nationals. The critically injured Indians Muhammad Bilal and Raza Khan are undergoing treatment in the intensive care unit.

29 persons suffered injuries. Yemeni, Sudanese, Egyptian, and Pakistani nationals were among those hurt. The injured have been admitted to various hospitals in Azir.

According to the local media, the accident happened on Monday afternoon. Sources familiar with the details of the incident state that the bus’s brakes failed, causing it to crash into a bridge.

The bus ran off the road and collided with the bridge, flipping over and catching fire as the passengers were trapped inside.

The accident site was controlled by crews from the Civil Defence and Red Crescent immediately, who then transported the injured and deceased to several hospitals in the Asir region.In order to reestablish traffic flow, the officials are clearing the route.

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