ABC Cargo Send n Drive; First phase draw will take place tomorrow.

Riyadh: The first phase draw for ABC Cargo’s “Send and Drive Season Two” will take place tomorrow (Friday) at the company’s Corporate office in Riyadh. The ‘promotion’ held in honor of the business’ 25th anniversary is receiving positive feedback from the customers. The branches of ABC Cargo see a massive rush to take part in this.

In the first round of the draw tomorrow, 2 Toyota Corolla cars, 250 gold coins, and 500 additional prizes will be awarded. At 9 o’clock in the evening, the draw will take place at the ABC Cargo Corporate Office, Farasdaq Street, with distinguished guests including representatives from Chamber of commerce in attendance.

As a result of client acceptance of ABC Cargo’s past services, which supported the expatriate community by providing excellent services with incentives in the areas of charity, social services, the arts and sports, “Send n Drive” was developed. Dr. Sharif Abdulkhader, chairman of ABC Cargo, stated that the strong support of the customer made this possible.

The draw for “Send n Drive” season two will be held on July 7, which includes a Toyota Corolla car, 250 gold coins and valuable incentive prizes for 500 people. The company management has informed that the “Send n Drive” promotion will be available only in Saudi branches of ABC Cargo

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