Dates should be cleaned before usage, according to the Saudi Food and Drug Ministry

Riyadh: Before eating dates, the Saudi Food and Drug Ministry advises giving them a thorough hot water wash. Pesticide and chemical residue can be removed by washing in hot water. In addition, the Food and Drug Authority advised washing with hot water rather than cold.

Freezing dates is the another best way to keep them safe. According to the authority, dates should be kept at a low temperature to prevent the growth of bacteria and because of their natural oxidative processes.

Another way to maintain dates is by refrigeration. In order to reduce moisture, dates are preserved in this way using special sorts of jars. Dates can be safely stored in this way for up to three months.

Dry storage is another method for preserving dates. Benefits of dry storage include reduced moisture and halted infectious growth. The expert also mentioned that dates may be kept fresh for up to a year by keeping them dry.

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