The first NRI Conclave was held in Riyadh under the theme “India’s Diversity as a Strategic Asset”

Riyadh: On June 16, 2023, a conclave on “India’s Diversity as a Strategic Asset” was held at Red Onion Restaurant in Olaya, Riyadh. The event was attended by Saudi citizens and prominent members of society. The International Journalist Fraternity Forum, IJFF, organized the event.

National political issues in India were discussed. The organizers were able to explain India’s progress and achievements and steer the discussion in such a way that the participants’ concerns and misconceptions were dealt with. The social media attack on India was also brought up. They emphasized that misinformation is being spread by those with vested interests in order to portray India in a negative light on a global scale.

Dr. Ashraf Ali, KSA President of IJFF, pointed out the importance of being a responsible Indian citizen living in Saudi Arabia. He stressed the importance of never tarnishing the country’s image and always representing India well.

It is essential for all religions to coexist while respecting one another’s rights. The core concept of Islam is respect for all human beings. Women must be educated more extensively in order to improve both secular and religious life. Every Muslim should follow in the footsteps of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, India’s first education minister who led the establishment of prestigious institutions such as the IITs. It is the responsibility of mosque imams to teach Muslims patience and discretion when dealing with problems. Sheikh Rahmani, an Islamic scholar, concluded his speech by warning about the future consequences of some celebrities expressing their opinions without being clear on the issues.

The Indian government’s efforts to integrate the country’s 15% Muslim population are commendable. In India, there is a considerable Hindu population that supports Muslim progress. Nobody has prohibited Muslims from taking the UPSC exam. In his speech, Safar Sareshwala emphasized.

Malek Raees stated that he had discussed the possibility of a Saudi-India exchange program with the Indian HRD Minister. He stated that the Gulf countries are interested in India because of its vast potential.

India attends numerous international conferences, including the G20. They highlighted that India is a peaceful country that is tolerant of every nation around the world. The panelists at this Indian diaspora gathering observed that people of all faiths have the right to practice their religion in any way they see fit. They also talked about how to use India’s cultural diversity to achieve economic progress, social harmony, and world peace.

Professionals from various fields, such as journalists, academics, and business owners, attended the conclave. Shahzeen Eram, a prominent female journalist, and her colleague Naeem Abdul Qayyum moderated the panel discussion.

The International Journalists’ Freedom Foundation (IJFF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of ethical journalism, media literacy, and free expression.

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