It is the parents, not the children who must change

A parent’s love can never go wrong. Though supporting children as they progress through each stage of their lives can be a difficult time for both parents and children. They also face perplexing life challenges and rough patches as they pick new roads in their journey.

In order to find peaceful answers to questions that disrupt our minds with fear and negativity, we must sometimes step back from our traditions and customs and allow ourselves to take a seat in this rapidly changing lifestyle.

Why do children find themselves in spaces that give them temporary happiness that sums up to lifetime trauma?

Why do they adhere with people and habits that will harm them mentally and physically in the long run?

Why do children make peace with the demons in their heads but refuse to return home when they are drowning?

Some questions, however, do not require answers; they can simply be addressed with consideration, love, and, most importantly, understanding your children from their perspective.

Children frequently seek pleasure far from their own home as a result of the obstacles that slowly sap their trust and comfort provided by their parents. They find it easy to communicate in raw and unhealthy environments. Children must be kept close and warm in order to return to you after making their share of mistakes. You must make them feel heard, that their problems will never be their solely their own, and that you will always have their back. Children in difficulties require appropriate support and guidance to help them navigate this tunnel. They will only survive if their parents are extremely patient and strong.

There will be setbacks along the way, and understanding your children from their perspective will be difficult due to the engravings of our society that are etched in our minds, and acting against society will be like searching for a pearl in the ocean.

Parents are naturally limited to being the most accurate piece of the jigsaw puzzle that society hands out to us from generation to generation. In this process we shape and nourish our children to fit into the jigsaw so that you can have your proud little moments out there. Parents are frequently brainwashed, and they ignore the bright colors and unique patterns that children are made of, instead holding them accountable for being different or less normal than society portrays them to be.

In Solomon Islands, people never cut down the trees instead they all surround it and curse it for hours long every day. This might sound strange but weeks later the tree dies on its own. This is what happens when you offer your ways of life and liking to your little ones. The roots of your parenting should be firm with love, care and support. On the other hand we must accept the growing branches of our little ones and nurture them with the right resources at the right times.

As parents it is rightfully your duty to be there for your children whenever they need you. Besides it is also your responsibility to support their dreams and motivate them throughout their journey. Many parents nowadays push their children into science fields, regardless of their interest, and expect them to succeed. Because of such circumstances, the children’s normally pleasant days become stressful and traumatic.

They paint themselves in the dull grains of paint and live with the identity that is printed out to them. Amidst this race of coming first, according to their parents’ ambitions there’s a bunch of children still trembling in the starting line, scared, lost completely and losing hope every single minute. And it’s scary that how they find it much easier to end their life rather than to start a communication on how they can’t breathe will all the expectations that they have to fulfill. They scar their hands and bleed themselves to death rather than asking for a hand to hold them in their isolated crucial times.

Thus, they will be more attracted to the means and people who bring them the happiness they have been missing. By the time you realize that you are being used for their own selfish gain by drugs and alcohol, you may reach the edge of the cliff. This is when parents can have an honest conversation with their children. Let them know that it’s not the end and that they can still turn back towards the dreams that they wanted to pursue. And they will be supported in every step they take by their parents, who believe that making mistakes and treating their scars with respect and care is the true beauty that leads to life success.

We must teach our children to be rich in expressing emotions. They should be trained to feel their happiness, sadness and other emotional moments and not bottling them up according to the environment. Make them feel that they can come home anytime for a shoulder when life gets too heavy. Improve their values and morals, and help them grow up so that they are fully prepared to stand out with all the confidence and warmth that a human should possess.

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