MFC with flavours of broasted chickens in a unique way

RIYADH: With 25 years of experience in the fast food and food distribution industries, TVS Group is introducing the “MFC” brand for its new chain of fried chicken restaurants. The first outlet will be officially opened on July 14 at 8 p.m. at the Madinah Hypermarket, Exit 21, Riyadh, according to managing director TVS Salam.

MFC Chicken’s specialty is the delicious flavor specially prepared by fried chicken experts. TVS Salam said that MFC is prepared with fresh chicken and high-quality oil.

TVS, who also founded the Rice Bank movement, which provides free rice for poor’s weddings stated that 20% of profits would be donated to charity. He also stated that in newly established shops, people from poor families will be appointed through free recruitment.

In conjunction with the opening, a half-roasted chicken will be distributed for 10 riyals and burgers will be distributed for 5 riyals. Aside from that, a television, mixer, and family pack of broasted will be raffled off. Chendamelam will be performed by the Riyadh Talkies team, and singer Nasrifah will lead a musical feast.

The TVS Group is taking advantage on new opportunities in Saudi Arabia. It is fully licensed for foreign investment. TVS also the owners of 70-Café and Oud Perfume. Along with this, TVS stated that entrepreneurs who want to open franchises and branches will be able to do so. The franchisees and branches are assigned in a way that ensures the success of TVS venture participants by providing them with expert training in administration, sales, marketing, and so on.

The press conference was also attended by directors Abdul Razzaq TVS, Ashraf TVS, Shabnan TVS, and Harshad TVS.

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