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Sushma Shan | Life coach, Parenting Adviser

The Saudi Narcotics Bureau is stepping up its efforts to combat drug trafficking, sale, and use. Drug busts, for example, have occurred in recent days. The continued availability of drugs demonstrates the drug mafia’s ability to overcome any challenge. The most terrifying fact is that crass pleasure is mostly sought after by students and youth. To leave is to flee this lovely world for the pleasure of a single puff or at the first attempt to discover what it is. When the mind, imagination, and body are stimulated to erroneous ideas and turn into a disaster for the nation and society, it is up to society and the parents to make things right for them.

When you leave your children to pursue their higher studies in another place, with great excitement comes great fear. Fears that have conquered millions of households in recent times.

A stuff that is equally addictive and more harmful than social media.

It is heartbreaking to see the youth being trapped in this deadly racket for very oblivious reasons, like to fit into the cool gang or to experience the adrenaline rush their friends talk about. They are dragged into things that they have never seen or heard of before. Drugs give you immense happiness when you barely step into this colourful fantasy world, but all the happiness turns black and white when drugs start doing you harm. You lose one of the most important aspects of life: self-control. And when we let down our guard on self-control, then even the medicine turns into a deadly poison.


When children come out of their closets and realize that freedom is on their doorstep, drugs become a trial-and-error method for them to experience something they have never been a part of.

They believe that if they smoke a joint or snort a line, they will be able to fit into these idolized groups.

Being excluded from childhood, especially if one’s childhood was lonely and reserved, or if they come from extra-dominant or extra-submissive homes where their voice was never heard or they were virtually invisible for a long time.

They tend to seek solace and conceal themselves in the high they get from drugs.

Many children gain confidence and social relationships as a result of their substance abuse without realizing that this is due to the drugs they use. They begin to enjoy the change and command they feel while on drugs.

Many have no idea the ABCs of the substance they are using, but are influenced by roommates, seniors, and others, and they only enjoy this when their circle is present. They take the joy and enjoyment out of it.


This youth is known for being wild. For partying from dawn to dusk. From having crazy truth and dare games to absurd drinking games. But all the fun is forgotten when your drink gets spiked and you get up in an absolutely unknown place with unknown people. You will be facing your nightmare.

We surely cannot avoid traps at all junctures, but we can be alert to certain things. Always keep a watchful eye on the things you are about to eat or drink, only go to places that don’t disturb your instincts; and only stick around people who respect your boundaries and don’t influence you into the so called cool stuff and force you to join their made-up fantasies.

Doing drugs and trying to fit in is not what the goal should be. This enlightenment amidst the four walls is not what you should seek.

Find colours and comfort in real things, enjoy the ups and downs of life, and let a smoke and snort not keep you weighed down and stop you from being the real you.

വാര്‍ത്തകള്‍ വാട്‌സ്‌ആപ്പില്‍ ലഭിക്കാന്‍ ലിങ്കില്‍ ക്ലിക്ക്‌ ചെയ്യൂ…👇🏼

വാര്‍ത്തകള്‍ എന്ന വിലാസത്തില്‍ ഇമെയില്‍ ചെയ്യുക. വാര്‍ത്തകള്‍ അയക്കുന്നവര്‍ പേരും മൊബൈല്‍ നമ്പരും എഴുതാന്‍ മറക്കരുത്‌.

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