Riyadh hosts a knife Festival, First time in the history of Middle East

Riyadh: Knives are essential kitchen and restaurant appliances. Columbus Kitchen prides itself on informing customers that there are specific knives for fish, meat, vegetables, and fruits.
Special knives are available in star hotels for carving fruits and creating amazing vegetable shapes. A rare knife collection used to cut fruits and vegetables in a unique way is also on display.

Aside from common knives used in households, the fair has organized a selection of knives for catering and large hotel kitchens. A 25% to 70% discount on the products has also been announced. For 15 riyals, you can get a high-quality Japanese knife. Multi-purpose knives made in Germany are also in high demand. Commercial knives, such as butcher knives and shawarma knives, are also available. The exhibition will also feature a variety of knife-sharpening stones and a wall-mounted UK-made sharpening product.

Saudis and visitors from other countries have come to the knife fair to buy knives to take home. People buy half a dozen and a dozen knives priced between 15 and 60 riyals. The exhibition has been prepared by leading brands from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil, India, Portugal, Japan, and other countries. Despite the fact that many brands are available, the variety of knives available at the fair is appealing.

Branded knives of high international quality are difficult to find, even at high prices. When foreign customers come to “Columbus Kitchen” to buy knives, this is their primary concern. It’s interesting to see a special tool made up of “pliers and a knife set” for breaking and opening the cooked crab.

The sharpest knife should be used when slaughtering sacrificial animals. That is why Arabs used to buy new knives to slaughter animals on the day of sacrifice, said Naushad Basheer, Chairman and Managing Director of Columbus Kitchen.

Skinning and deboning animals require the use of specialized knives. Sharp quality knives are made with special grades of stainless steel, titanium, carbon steel and metal alloys. The knife fair has a collection of such knives.

Columbus Kitchen, a commercial kitchen equipment supplier, is hosting the Knife Fair for the first time. According to experts, this is the first of its kind in West Asia. The discount will be available until June 28. The management also stated that the knife fair will be open until 12 midnight at the Columbus Kitchen Showroom on Riyadh King Fahd Road, near the Saudi Passport Office.

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